We stock a number of traditional white wedding dresses and a wonderful traditional African range. Most dresses are custom made to order to ensure the best fit possible. The wedding dresses is not the only thing that is important to bridal look thus we offer more than just a dress but a whole look which include the jewelry, veil, tiara or headpiece and what else is desired by the bride to complete the look.

Since the bride is not the only person in a wedding we offer a range of dresses for the other members of the wedding party, from the smallest flower girl to the mother-in-law. There are wonderful styles of bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses that are custom made so that each bride can get the perfect look that she requires.

We can offer assistance to the men as well. The men can be fully dressed in a 3-piece suit or for the informal look that compliments the bride and the wedding’s colours we offer ties, waistcoats and other accessories for men to look their best as the day is just as special to them

The best of all is this can be put together in a package that works with the budget of each couple so that all look their best on the special day.